Random thoughts on normal things.

We’ve only just begun…

Hello and welcome to my first ever blog entry. Woo-hoo!…yep I really do speak like this in real life…not. Oh well, you have been warned.

Trying to think about what to write here has been surprisingly….spontaneous. I find myself at a (st)age where I feel I have a lot to say. All those thoughts that buzz around in my skull like mosquitoes on a warm summers evening, they need to be let loose. So here’s a taster for you to ponder. I firmly believe we go through our lives in stages but at each point we only ever see the next challenge, the next hurdle. The majority of us are simply not mentally psychologically intellectually equipped to see what’s going to happen two or three jumps ahead.

Hence, at each stage of our lives we truly have only just begun:

Such a beautiful song espousing the initial excitement, enthusiasm and the bright-eyed innocence of new adventure. So with trepidation but determination we traverse those uncharted roads. We may find that our initial excitement was perhaps not quite what we expected. But we persevere. Then one day what we saw as new, is now common. The enthusiasm is perhaps a little hard to muster. And the initial excitement has turned to the daily grind.

At this point, you simply close your eyes and say to yourself and your loved ones and your friends: We’ve only just begun….


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